Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to our Full New Parent Curriculum: Modern Childbirth, Newborn Care & Safety, Breastfeeding, and Mind/Body Wellness

  • 2

    Private Consultations with our Doulas/Childbirth Education Experts

    • Private Consultation Booking:

  • 3

    Your Best Pregnancy

  • 4

    Stages of Birth

    • Early labor

    • Active labor

    • Transition

    • Descent & delivery

    • Delivering the placenta

    • Stages of Labor Knowledge Test

  • 5

    Birth progress and tips

    • Hormones of birth

    • Signs of progress

    • When your water breaks

    • When to go to your birthplace

    • Quiz for Birth Progress and Tips

  • 6

    Fear release

    • Releasing your fears to have a better birth

  • 7

    Relaxation and comfort

    • The benefits of breathing and relaxation

    • Introductory breathing exercise

    • A 7-minute progressive muscle relaxation exercise

    • Movement and positioning

    • Labor Positions

    • Comfort Measures

    • Affirmations

    • Relaxation review

  • 8

    Interventions and Choices

    • Non-medical and medical interventions

    • BRAIN: Your tool for decision-making about your birth

    • Patient rights & advocacy

    • Induction

    • Epidurals: Deciding if, when, & how to incorporate into your birth plan

    • Monitoring

    • Cesarean birth

    • How well do you know your interventions and choices?

  • 9

    The 4th Trimester: Postpartum

    • Golden Hour & Skin-to-skin

    • Your body postpartum: what to expect

    • Postpartum: baby blues & postpartum mood disorders

    • Print and complete your own postpartum plan for a smoother transition to parenthood.

  • 10

    Completing Your Birth Plan

    • Complete this form to receive your personalized birth plan by email

  • 11

    WeeHuman Video Podcast: Ask the Experts!

    • Don't Pee When You Sneeze! A conversation with a pelvic floor physical therapist about pelvic floor health in the childbearing years.

  • 12

    Before you go...

    • Check out how much you've learned with this just-for-fun quiz

    • Our message to you

    • Please share your feedback about this course

  • 13

    Newborn Care and Safety

    • A message from the instructor

    • Introduction: learning baby's cues

    • Observing your baby's cues

    • Hunger cues part 1

    • Hunger cues part 2: observing the cues

    • Tired cues part 1

    • Tired cues part 2: observing the cues

    • Gassy cues part 1

    • Gassy cues part 2: observing the cues

    • Baby language 0-3 months part 1

    • Baby language 0-3 months part 2: observing

    • Reviewing what you've learned

    • Introduction to rhythms & routines

    • 24 hours with a newborn

    • Exploring 24 hours with a newborn

    • Newborn sleep patterns

    • Day vs. night

    • All about swaddling

    • Newborn stages of consciousness

    • Infant CPR and choking Introduction

    • Conscious infant choking

    • Unconscious infant choking

    • Infant CPR

    • Practice

    • Free printable: Infant CPR Quick Reference Sheet

    • Diapering Pro Introduction

    • Mastering the diaper bag

    • Diapering with disposables

    • Cloth diapering

    • Cleaning cloth diapers

    • Burping baby

    • Introducing a bottle

    • Discussion

    • Baby development Introduction

    • Exploring infant development

    • WeeHuman baby soothing ideas - our printable resource for you

  • 14


  • 15

    Mind/Body Wellness

Parents are saying...

Easy, convenient and comfortable

by Carrie

Easy, convenient and comfortable from my own home.

a human connection


The WeeHuman courses are planned and presented by instructors who care deeply about children and who really look forward to making a human connection with the class attendees. During the pandemic, it felt like our local hospital system was struggling to catch up in moving their educational resources into an online format; WeeHuman was already there and ready, working with parents-to-be from all over North America with a mix of on-camera sessions and PDF/video format material. They're already standing head and shoulders above a lot of the conventional neonatal/postpartum care education resources.

Nice job


good tidbits of information. Easy to absorb in bite size pieces. nice job

Very helpful


Overall very helpful! Lots of information was covered and it was easy to follow along and understand. The lessons were time efficient and effective in conveying the information across.

Great information for informed choices


Lots of great information to help you make informed decisions during your birthing journey

Great source of calm information and guidance


The Newborn Care class was amazing for me and my husband! Kelly was a great instructor and the class had a solid mix of educational information and practical advice. The blend of live (Zoom) sessions and at your own pace lessons made it easy to fit the class into our increasingly busy schedule. We felt much more confident and prepared for our first baby after this class. Kelly and all the folks at WeeHuman are incredibly responsive to questions in between live sessions. I loved the first class I took so much that I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the Breastfeeding class (which is also great and I would highly recommend). Especially in these uncertain times, WeeHuman has been a great source of calm information and guidance!

helpful video lessons, and links to many resources to explore


Kelly at WeeHuman did an excellent job of providing newborn care education for us! The newborn care class included helpful video lessons, and links to many resources to explore; it was easy to use the materials to practice swaddling and other skills on a doll.

More relaxed and prepared now

WeeHuman Parent

I'm very thankful to all of you for getting this program out there, especially with all the covid stuff and classes being cancelled. This was amazing to get creditable information about what to expect for a first time mom! I feel a bit more relaxed and prepared now.

Loved it!

WeeHuman Parent

Loved it! Shannon was a great instructor!

More than anything the support

WeeHuman Parent

i love feeling a part of something. i love that there were other people in my same situation. more then anything the support.